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ITAALIA: Euroopa riikide iseseisvus peab kaduma lõplikult.

Itaalia tahab Euroopa Ühendriikide loomist

Itaalia peaminister Matteo Renzi lubas, et Itaalia üritab EL-i eesistujariigina astuda samme "Euroopa Ühendriikide" loomiseks, edastab The Telegraph.

"Tugev ja ühtne Euroopa - tegemist on hetkel ainsa väljapääsuga tekkinud probleemidest," ütles Renzi. Ta avaldas arvamust, et tõhus vastus europarlamendi valimistulemustele oleks edendada Euroopa ühtsuse mõtet.

"Ma unistan, et minu lapsed töötavad ja mõtlevad Euroopa Ühendriikides."

Euroopa Liidu eesistujariik on Euroopa Liidu liikmesriik, kellel lasub ajutiselt vastutus Euroopa Ülemkogu töö korraldamise eest. Eesistuja määratakse rotatsiooni korras ja kohustused antakse üle iga kuue kuu esindamise järel.

Itaalia saab Euroopa Liidu eesistujariigiks juba selle aasta 1. juulil.

Allikas: www.DELFI.ee
Homme ilmub artikkel Itaalia ülisuurest võlakoormast, eks Euroopa Ühendriikides on lootust, et selle ülejõu elamise tasuvad teised vastutustundlikud osariigid.

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Global project.

Indian Ocean Community

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Asian_Railway_Network_Agreement

North East-West Freight Corridor

The Northern East West Freight Corridor, usually referred to as the N.E.W. Corridor, is a project organized by the International Union of Railways UIC and Transportutvikling AS[1][2] to connect the east coast of the United States to East Asia by train and ship.


The plan calls for two main routes. Both routes start from east coast ports of North America such as Halifax Harbour, then across the Atlantic Ocean to the port of Narvik, from there by rail through Sweden to Finland and Russia. From Russia there are two routes: either via the Trans-Siberian Railway to Vostochny Port, or though Kazakhstan to Ürümqi in China. From Ürümqi the route goes to Lanzhou and possibly the port city Lianyungang.

Current status

The project is financed for a test run through NEW Corridor AS, a company owned 65% by UIC and 35% by a Norwegian county, Nordland.


Transportutvikling claims in their report[3] that this corridor will be an important alternative to the traditional shipping route from China to the U.S.A. The main reasons given are:

Shorter route for some destinations. The route seems longer on a traditional map, but on a globe it is easy to see that it is shorter than alternatives through central Europe.
Reduced transit time, because of faster land transport and shorter travel distance.
Compared to shipping from China, there is a special advantage for parts of China far away from the coast, those containers must be freighted a long way on railway anyway. These areas are the main initial target for the NEW.
The route does not have the congestion problem of the densely populated areas of coastal China and constrained ports of west coast USA. Because the route goes through sparsely populated areas, it is relatively easy and cheap to increase capacity.
Most of the infrastructure is already there. The main need is expanding ports and making train shifts at borders more efficient.
The port of Narvik in northern Norway is ice-free all year, with a railway connection to Russia through Sweden and Finland.
This route avoids the six bottlenecks of global shipping: the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Bosporus, the Straits of Hormuz and the Straits of Malacca, which 60% of all shipping passes through.
It is a backup solution in case of terror or traffic incidents, conflict in South China Ocean or labour strikes on the Pacific shipping route. The west coast port strike[4] showed how important and crucial ports are for the U.S. economy.

Vaat ka youtube.com Trans-Asian Railway !

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